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Starting A Blog Of Your Own

There is no doubt that you find it difficult to get by on the wages that you receive from your full time job and if you feel like you are always broke and that you are trapped in your full time job without much space to escape, you should know that you are certainly not alone in feeling this way. Many young people in this day and age feel imprisoned at their full time jobs because they depend so much on the money that comes in from the job even if they personally do not enjoy the work that they do. This rat race to earn the most money is something that has been around for decades and centuries but because of the rising costs of living and the inability for most people to sustain themselves with the wages that they receive, the problem seems to be getting worse. The sad fact is that while thousands of talented young people are sitting behind a desk and working robotically, we are seeing so much of wasted talent. We are seeing artists, singers, writers and poets all working at their boring data processing jobs without much space to pursue their talents. Fortunately however, the internet provides us with various opportunities to earn money in our free time and if you start a blog for example, you will be earning money in no time.

Starting with a food review blog

One great idea is to start a food review blog. If you love to write, take pictures, travel and eat, this would be the perfect way to do all of these things without having to go through too much trouble at all. You can earn money through advertisements on your blog and you can also have opportunities to eat at 5 star restaurants in Melbourne without having to pay a single cent because these restaurants will bring you in to officially review your food.

You might even want to do lists like top 10 cafes in a particular café where you will be able to review the cafes based on a certain number of features. You do not have to give up your full time job to do this. You can use your weekends and your free time to visit different places and review their products and the more popular you get, the more money you will start to earn because google usually pays blog owners to place advertisements on their blogs and will usually increase the money they pay based on the number of people that visit the blog daily and the number of subscribers it has. See this post to find out the best top 10 cafes near you.