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Know The Benefits Of Powdered Green Tea

If you thought that green tea came only in the form of tea leaves or tea bags, think again. The powdered form of the tea is also popular which was originally made popular from Japan. Indeed, the tea ceremony that is an inherent part of Japanese culture is well known and so are the benefits of herbal teas that are popular in the east. With a powdered form of green tea, it has several health benefits to offer to the world.

The power of the powdered green tea

The single word for powdered green tea is matcha. Today it is not only made popular as a drink that can help you burn fat and step up antioxidant levels in your body, it can easily be added to different kinds of food items as well. That is why most people opt to buy matcha powder which they can add to noodles and other kinds of food items they prepare; commercially it is used in different food items to add a dose of health to any food item such as green tea flavored ice cream or Soba noodles. 

How it is made?

For those who are curious to know how it is made, green tea is prepared by selecting certain batches of green tea leaves which are covered some days prior to the harvesting time for ordinary tea leaves. When the tea leaves are covered, it slows down the growth rate and this creates greater levels of amino acids. The leaves are then picked and laid to dry on the ground. The dried leaves are known as tencha which is then stone ground to form matcha powder. With the increasing quest for healthy foods and drinks that can help heighten metabolism and burns fat, such as buy chilli chocolate mix, the matcha powder also finds much demand among the fitness generation of today.If you have read about how matcha originated, you would know about the thick drink that was formed from ground tea leaves called koicha, used in traditional tea ceremonies. It was thought to be highly prized and expensive. The powder was mixed at a ratio of six teaspoons of powder which was added to 6 ounces of water. The tea is usually distinguished by the bitter taste it has due to which it is served with a candy to help counter the bitterness. If you are intrigued and wish to embark on a journey of discovering the different kinds of health food and drinks available, start with matcha powder. You need not have to tolerate the bitter drink and simply add the powder to any food you make to enjoy its benefits.