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An Introduction To Thai Food And Cuisine

One of the things that Thailand has become most famous for is undoubtedly its superb and extremely varied cuisine. No matter where you look, you can expect to find a lot of good food that can be appreciated by just about anyone. But there is a whole lot more to discover than just the food itself. In fact, the aspect of serving and the way food is consumed is really worth knowing to just understand a little more about Thai culture in general.
First of all, let’s start with the meals themselves. Thai people really enjoy implementing food as a vital part of any social gathering, no matter whether it is just a small family reunion or an official function. For this reason, alone, Thai diners are regularly frequented by large gatherings of people. Some people even believe that eating alone is a way to bring about bad luck for yourself. Another reason why large groups of people are favoured is the way in which in diners will serve the food itself. Unlike in Western restaurants, the diner serves as many plates as there are customers sitting at the table, although the plates can then be shared together.
Thus, having many people lets you enjoy a lot of different dishes.Another thing worth noting is that Thai people are renowned for the different flavours they add into almost all of their dishes. You will most likely find a mix of salty, spicy, sweet and even sour flavours, all in perfect dosages so that a single flavour will not overwhelm the others. Thailand is also known for the abundance of snacks sold by street vendors, which means that you could even get away with eating at a beer bar in Bangkok or two whenever you feel like skipping breakfast altogether.Another important aspect of Thai cuisine is the way in which food is presented on the table. Instead of just placing everything in the most convenient way, chefs will take time to arrange everything and decorate the plate with some carved fruits and vegetables.
The skill of the chefs is undeniable, especially when you consider that the only tools they use for this are ice water and a carving knife. You can find such elaborate food presentation practices in most restaurants and even in a Italian food in Bangkok. Hopefully, you have gained a little more knowledge about Thailand’s cuisine and food by reading the above article. It can be helpful to know these little things if you are planning on visiting Thailand in the near future. Remember to spend some time sampling all the different types of food: it is quite likely that you will find something you truly like in this wonderful country!